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TTGL kill a king

October 2010



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Oct. 11th, 2010

PoT - v

Just saying;

I'm planning on starting to use my other account - hotarukunn  - as my basic account. Just wanted to let you know. I'll fix it up a bit better later, when I get home. I'm currently in mom's shop and doing homework. >_> *dies* No more essays plz... *dies some more*

Sep. 20th, 2010

TTGL kill a king

>_> Damn. Messages deleted.

 Urgh.... When I deleted a message with someone having uploaded an icon, all my other messages was deleted too. ALL of them, There's not a. single. one. left!
Lexx, did you send me any PM in the latest reply-batch?
It's one thing finding the comments, but the PMs... >_>

Sep. 18th, 2010

PoT - tensai deki?


 Yuushi, TezuGaku, Zaizen, Kamio, SanadaIbu, Kajimoto

( Art dump here~ )

Sep. 17th, 2010

PoT - tensai deki?


Title: Nenene, can we--
Pairing: Akutsu/Jirou
Rating: T
Akutsu don't want to admit that he missed Jirou. Then Jirou shocks him with a question.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Kentarou/Yuuta
Kentarou being Kentarou and bugging Yuuta.

Title: As you wish
Pairing: Atsushi/Mizuki
Rating: M
He really shouldn't have made that bet with Atsushi.

Sep. 12th, 2010

PoT - tensai deki?

(FanFic) Black Moonlight chapter 1

 Black Moonlight
Chapter; 1 - Invitations
Crossover; Prince of Tennis x Harry Potter
Several pairings, a few already established
Tezuka/Gakuto, Bane/Saeki, Yukimura/Shiraishi, Atsushi/Mizuki
( A strange phenomenon has caused several to gain magical abilities. They are now called to a school of wizardry to learn more. )

And here's a picture of Gakuto cuz it's his birthday today^^

Sep. 8th, 2010

TOnTK ShuriKirin


OH yes. tezzino 's fangirling Misono soo much. I had to pause the DeliGaku-live because she went "Misono! Misono! MISONOOOO!" and let her calm down.. yas, calm down. Because she's always like that.
Kodou-sensei, why a cow? *lolz* I'm so drawing him in his cow-costume. *grin*

Aand~ I'm gonna watch Tadashii Ouji no Tsukuri kata after I've been to the toilet. For YanaKota (favorite Ryoma plz~), Shinken-Aiba, Kiriyama Renn (Aiba's and Renn's characters, Shurinosuke and Kirin, are my OTP in Tezukuri Ouji<3), Nagayan (favorite Eiji), Kawai-san and ..what's his real name? Otoya. (Kurenai Otoya, Kamen Rider Kiva.) And for the story.
I don't get the girls though. *frown* Watch it anyway, it's awesome *niko-niko*

Icon fits. (Kirin and Shurinosuke aka Renn and Aiba)

Tenimyu first cast is love~ I love all casts but DAMN first cast~<3333
TGT - wht

art/fic-blog and stuff~

Weell~ Now I''m done raking apples, and is waiting for tezzino  to finish cutting the grass. We're watching the Delicious Gakuin Stageplay, and she'll kill me if I watch without her. She just noticed Misono's in it, you see. It's a pity Nakamura Yuichi and Aiba-yan isn't in it. *sighs* They're the perfect Nangou-sempai and Takasugi. And Nagayan and Kawai-san. And the other wo're the real actors for DeliGaku. I love AAA, but it's only two actors that's raelly in the band..

Expect DeliPuri-art (Delicious Gakuin & Prince of Tennis)
But I've already decided to do a picture of Shinken-Aiba's characters.. Shurinosuke, Ryuunosuke, Fuji, Hibiki-san.. the list. goes. on.
And of Fuji and Kirikaze because of Yuuta.
And maybe some more Tezukuri Ouji x TeniPuri. YanaKota's in both, Aiba-yan's in both, we might have more, but it's been a while since I rewatched Tezukuri Ouji. I'll do so later.
And the Fuuma-anime. I have it, but I have only watched a little of the episodes, a little of the OVAs adn the movie. I need more Fuuma.

Anyway~ That was not what I was gonna talk about~ Well it was but it wasn't.

The other day, I got myself an art/fic-blog; hotarukunn . I posted some new pictures there yesterday.

You can get one here, but the TeniPuri-ones are under a cut and too many.

This one's somewhat twisted though. Blame rottencat if you want.

I need more Kimeru too. *wants Pippin and Titanic*

Kimeru~!!<3333 *random spout of love*

Aug. 30th, 2010

TGT - wht

(Art) PoT: AtsushiMizuki pornnnnn

Aug. 28th, 2010

TTGL kill a king

(Art) PoT: Brilliant Brain

 Another speed-drawing, this time it being a headshot of Chitose Senri from Shitenhouji (Prince of Tennis).
Well, speed-drawing and speed-drawing. It took about one and a half hour?
I tried yet another way of coloring.

I called the picture "Brilliant Brain", after his song with the same title.

TGT - wht

(Art) Three pictures~

Three pictures in this post~

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